Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Leonard Cohen>If it be your will

Some songs for Holy week....

It's interesting how much attention Judas gets in songs. U2 have an interesting take on the last supper and Garden of Gethsemane in the song, 'Until the end of the World' (Achtung Baby, 1991) - well worth a listen. Bob Dylan also asks a good question about Judas and betrayal in 'With God on our side' (The Times they are A-changin', 1964) and explores the theme further in 'What was it you wanted?' (Oh Mercy, 1989).

However, my song for the coming couple of days is the brilliant 'If it be your will' (Various Positions, 1985) by Leonard Cohen. This really is a powerful song that somehow marries together Jesus' words in the garden and the events the following day:
'If it be your will
That a voice be true
From this broken hill
I will sing to you
From this broken hill
All your praises they shall ring
If it be your will'


Cosmo said...

I thought this was a brilliant song. To me, it has the feel of a lilting lullaby - only it is reversed in that it is the son singing to the father.

Putting that thought into the context of Gethsemane offers a poigniant perspective into the anguish of the Father, which is rarely (if ever?) spoken about.

Nick Coke said...

Good reflection - this just seems the kind of song that would open up plenty of interesting discussion. I wish I knew what Leonard Cohen had in mind with it. Obviously, it had some link with Jesus through the title and the idea of the 'broken hill' but whilst Cohen often features Jesus in his songs he's rarely obvious or orthodox.