Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Well, the challenge was laid down to include a French song following my holiday in Brittany and so here it is.

Now technically, this song isn't performed by a Frenchman, but by the Algerian and 'King of Rai' Cheb Khaled. However, Khaled is massive in France and the lyrics are in French, penned by a Frenchman and so I think it counts. Anyway I make the rules here!

'Aicha' (Sahra, 1997) is a simply fantastic song and credit must go to my friend Paul for introducing me to Khaled. According to wikipedia the song is about 'a man's lament that his love Aïcha does not notice him, even though he offers her everything, even his life. In the end, Aïcha answers he should keep his treasure, that she's worth more and does not want to live in a cage, even a solid gold one, but equal rights and respect which form true love.' Here are some of the lyrics:

Elle a dit, garde tes trésors :She said, keep your treasures
Moi, je vaux mieux que tout ça :I'm worth more than all that
Des barreaux sont des barreaux même en or :Cages remain cages even though made of gold
Je veux les mêmes droits que toi :I want the same rights as you
Et du respect pour chaque jour :And respect for each day
Moi je ne veux que de l'amour :I don't want anything but love

Now the context for this song is in response to the taboo of male/female romantic love in Algerian Islamic culture. So this is interesting and challenging stuff. Khaled was actually forced to move to Paris in 1986 because of threats from Islamic extremists.

Speaking out against injustice and pursuing your 'mission' despite the consequences according to the New Testament is simply part of the deal of being a Christian. Perhaps Khaled and Aicha have something to say to us about that...

Monday, 4 August 2008

Badly Drawn Boy>Camping Next to Water

Well, it's holiday time tomorrow. Two weeks in a tent in Northern France. And I've seen the weather forecast! We're going to be taking blankets, duvets, heaters, hot water bottles etc. So, Badly Drawn Boy's 'Camping Next to Water' seems an apt send-off song. It's from the fantastic album, Hour of the Bewilderbeast, (2000) well worth listening to if you missed it. The song sounds a little depressing but really it's only tongue in cheek. Happy holiday!

Here's the excellent 'The Shining' from the same album: