Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Playlist = Lent

There are 40 days in the Christian season of Lent or roughly six weeks and so here are 6 top tunes (one a week) to help reflect during a period set aside for fasting, self-examination and prayer. I picked these 'songs' because they somehow resonated with the main themes of Lent, or at least looked like they might. I plan to post some thoughts each week on my own reflections and these tracks....

Week 1: James - Tomorrow
Week 2: Arvo Part - Festina Lente
Week 3: The Velvet Underground - I'm Set Free
Week 4: Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
Week 5: Coldplay - the Scientist
Week 6: Nick Cave/Kylie Minogue - Death is Not the End


Cosmo said...

Hey, you've been tagged.

Visit my blog to see what that involves:


Sorry to involve you in something so trivial during lent!

David said...

Nick, Hi, Cosmo tagged me also. I checked out your site awhile back and I ended up listening to that song you posted by Pulp, "common people". I enjoyed it greatly and actually purchased a copy for my iPod.

I had to contact you today because I listened to one of your songs posted currently for lent. I had to say thank you for that list. I shall ponder the meaning of the song "tomorrow". No, I mean I shall ponder the meaning of that song today. I shall also try to remember to check out the other songs soon. I must also try to tag other people. Don't worry, I don't think I could tag you.

Thank you. David (http://ponderingdave.blogspot.com/)

Nick Coke said...

Hey, this is all getting too much - 2 comments from 2 people on the same post! Cosmo, it's working!

Anyway, thanks Dave for the comment and I'd be interested to hear what you made of 'Tomorrow' - it's a fabulous song.