Wednesday, 6 February 2008


This is the first song on my Lent playlist. If there was ever a song made for Lent this seems to be it. Could just be the song Jesus' Abba sang over him during the 40 days in the desert. It's almost as though God had to put Jesus through the test to see what he was made of. Take a look at the full lyrics and you'll see how it fits with the Biblical account. Perhaps God was even 'scared' about the outcome as presumably the temptations were as real as anything any human faces, Jesus' divinity counted for nothing...

Here are some comments from YouTube on this song:
'Fantastic, life affirming song. Who hasn't ever closed their eyes and prayed for a better tomorrow? Real lyrics for real people.'

'omg i love this song it got my parents through som hard times when work went well crap and its got me through some times when i've felt like dying i love it :D:D:D'

'You know what is the best about them. The fact that almost all their songs speak straight right into every one of our souls. Their songs helped me to see myself, to realize who i am, to pursue happiness and meaning of my life.'

As a Christian who was brought up singing hymns and 'worship songs' in church I wish I could say the same thing about those songs, but honestly I can't. 1 or 2, sure, but mostly, no.


Cosmo said...

A good start to your series.

I'm trying to get my head around the paradox of the lyric, "Gotta keep faith that your luck will change."

But I like the redemptive/salvific idea that you, "Gotta keep faith that your past will change".

Nick Coke said...

Hi Cosmo,

I like the tag thing! I'm working on passing it on...

Well, I guess luck isn't a particularly Christian concept! At college Christians would tell me off for even using the word! I share their uneasiness with it but the alternative of just saying that well everything is God's plan is too trite!

I suspect that the word usuage here is more akin to 'fate' or at least 'the future that is out of our hands'. If I take it as this, then it becomes a kind of hope - that I might at least see the sense of what's happening around me even if I can't do anything about it. And that's a prayer worth making.

It's an interesting one, but this song certainly asks more questions than Shine Jesus Shine or Storm the Forts! And I wonder why we don't ask more questions in our hymns, songs - the Psalms do...

vale said...

I knew James through a friend and since then I like them. Now I know the next song that I have to download!
...that's all because my english is not good at all.
bye! :)

Nick Coke said...

Hey Vale,

Thanks for stopping by for a listen. Your English appears pretty good to me, but ultimately, it's all about the tunes anyway...