Sunday, 18 November 2007

Roxy Music>More Than This

Strangely, I fell in love with this song when it appeared as a karaoke track in the fantastic movie 'Lost in Translation' (2003). I've posted the clip below, and it's sung by the brilliant Bill Murray whose deadpan performance in my humble opinion pips Brian Ferry's original to the post. In the context of the film, and you have to see the whole thing to really get it, the song just hits a nerve that otherwise it's easy to miss. In fact the whole soundtrack to the movie is brilliant and if you persevere through 5 mins of silence on the final track you get Bill Murray's version.

Still, it must be said, the original is still pretty good and it appears on the album Avalon (1982). The wistfulness of it all somehow tugs the heartstrings - like a lament and yet to a strangely upbeat backing. The lyrics state that 'there is nothing more than this' and yet it's more like a question than an answer. Damn right there's more than this and only people who know it can sing this song.


Cosmo said...

Another comment. Two in one week!!

Sorry, but I keep comenting on the periphials of your postings and not the songs so much.

'Lost in Translation' is a great movie. One day I'd like to start a film discussion club and this would be on the list. I've got it on a DVD that also included 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Another great movie that we just watched a couple of days ago. Actually, you could probably also make links with this film and the Roxy song.

Nick Coke said...

Hey, any comment is bonus!

A film discussion club sounds a great idea. Or perhaps you need start a blog called 'films for the journey'!

Cosmo said...

'Films for the Journey'. I like that.

Want to start a shared blog??? Maybe get some others on board too?

Nick Coke said...

Yep, let's do it - but my film knowledge is a little limited. It would be good to get a few contributors.