Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Beatles>In My Life

'In My Life' probably isn't my favourite Beatles' song, but it is certainly one of the most lyrically moving and searching. Released on Rubber Soul (1965) it became one of the Beatles' favourite songs. Interestlngly, Paul McCartney once claimed that it was one of only two Beatles songs that he and John Lennon disputed composing (the other was 'Eleanor Rigby'). The lyrics certainly belong to John Lennon, but McCartney claimed the music much to Lennon's annoyance. Ironically, it's the overall sense of connectivity within the song that I like - a sense of a present love that rises above even the best of the past and promises an even better future. For Lennon this was likely a human love, probably Yoko Ono, but take it into a different context and the meaning changes. Johnny Cash's moving version on American IV (2002) gives a tone of regret. Another way of looking at it of course, is to see the present love as that of God. Then it becomes a worship song that could easily be sung in church.


Cosmo said...

I'm not sure I've hearded this song before - but it's unmistakably Beatles. You're pulling out some great music over the last few weeks.

I enjoyed the video that someone has put together. (Did you catch the frame with the placard that said, 'Jesus died for you, John Lennon'?) I liked the way it intercut between those fresh faced boys and the mega-stars they became. I found it alsmost sad in a way, but I'm not sure why.

Looking forward to the next song.

Nick Coke said...

Blimey, a comment! And from my most loyal (and only) reader, thanks mate.

Yeah, it is a great song - short and sweet. No-one matches the Beatles at being so succinct. It is certainly a sad song - check out the Cash version that I linked, that will make you cry! I guess looking back at memories is always hard.

Cosmo said...

I listened to the Cash version you linked to. Nice.

The Youtube video was interseting - Manga & Cash. I wonder what movie it was taken from? I think I've only watched two manga movies: 'Spirited Away' - odd, but cool. 'Howl's Moving Castle' - a little more odd, but still kind of cool in an odd sort of way. I'd like to watch more.(Bring back 'Battle of the Planets'!) I should also listen to more Cash - I've never really given him a fair go to be honest.

Nick Coke said...

I discovered Cash only a year ago and to be honest it's up there only with Bob Dylan in terms of greatness! I particularly like the stuff he did at the very end - gives a whole new twist.