Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bob and I are back!

Well, my two most loyal readers have commented that they haven't heard from me for a while so it's time to put fingers to the keyboard. Now let me say, there's also a VERY good reason to post something and that is that Bob has released a new album - something that was only a wild web rumour last time I put up a post. Today, my CD dropped through the letterbox - one day after release date thanks to our pathetic postal system!

This weekend I had the joy of seeing the great man twice in as many days - once up close and personal in a relatively small north London venue. I loved the gigs and was able to share them with my friend Nick as well as my Mum and Dad, which made them extra special. Dylan clearly gave it everything - not something he always does - but you could see the sweat pouring off him!

Now to the new record - my Dad just called and said there were at least 3 tracks on 'Together Through Life' that would bring tears to my eyes. As I type, I'm having my first listen of the whole album and I must say I'm loving it. And, yes there are tracks that deserve whole posts of their own because they clearly say something about Dylan and God. I endeavour to put them up over the next week, so let's see...

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Cosmo said...

Great! Welcome back. Looking forward to reading lots of posts.

There's probably lots that could be said just from the albumn title!