Monday, 5 January 2009

Kate Rusby>The Miner's Dream of Home

Happy New Year! A resolution and a track to talk about. First the track. Kate Rusby is a youngish British folk singer who has provided the soundtrack to our Christmas. On recommendation from my friend Pete I bought my wife a copy of Rusby's new album - Sweet Bells - a collection of Yorkshire carols. I love all the songs but particularly for New Year I suggest you try and get hold of 'The Miner's Dream of Home'. The song tells the story of a young man's dream of returning home on New Year's Eve after ten years away. As the family are reunited the bells are ringing in the new year - the past is gone, 'sin is banished' and the new year offers new possibilities. Rusby is great - check out the video below.

And so what are my dreams at the beginning of a new year? Well, I have made a resolution. It all goes back to my summer holiday when I sat with my five year old daughter at an outdoor swimming pool in France. We were just drying off after a swim when she pointed at a man in the pool and whispered into my ear - 'Daddy, that man's muscles are much bigger than yours!' I tried to brush it off - 'no they're not, he's just a bit fatter' I replied. 'No', she insisted, 'look how massive his muscles are - he must be much stronger than you.' Later that evening I discovered the very same man pitching his tent two down from mine - and as I suspected every time he appeared from then on, I had to hear how much stronger than me he must be. So this year is the year of the muscle! I'm very, very skinny so I've got a long way to go - but let me assure you of this - the next time I hear Kate Rusby singing that song (I packed the CD away in the attic with all the Christmas things) I'm going to be fitter, stronger and a match for anyone!

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