Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Roy Orbison>It's Over

What's the greatest break-up song ever? Thing is, I'm looking for the best because today is a momentous day. At 3pm I kissed goodbye to the love of my life over the last few months - my dissertation! And as I passed it over to my tutor I could hear strains of Roy Orbison beginning in my head: 'your baby doesn't love you anymore.'

I'm no expert on break-up songs but I just cannot believe there is one better than this one by Roy Orbison (More of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits, 1964). It's so good it's almost worth breaking up with someone just so you can send it to them as a kind of parting gift! There's just something amazing about that voice and the backing singers - it's heartbreaking.

So it's offical - me and my dissertation are no longer an item. Praise God!


Cosmo said...

Truely, they don't make them like they used to. Half-a-dozen backing 'oohhh-ers' and was that Elvis Costelllo playing in the background? (0:41)

Looking forward to reading it sometime. Have you posted it anywhere?

RJ said...

Well, first, congratulations for getting that bad boy finished! What a great feeling - a blessing even! (I did it 2 years ago and rejoiced.) Second, I think Roy Oribon just blows us all away. The only thing with equal sadness in my book is the Righteous Brothers singing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" - it just rips me up, too.
Thanks for including us all.

Nick Coke said...

Thanks for the congratulations rj - I've vowed to never do any study of that sort again, just too much stress! Not even Orbison would get me through that.

Cosmo, it certainly looks like Costello - I imagine most musicians would love to have played with a legend like Orbison so you may be right - well done eagle eyes!

Re the dissertation - it won't be posted anywhere until I get a mark back. If it's half-decent then I might let you have a sneaky peak! Have you posted yours anywhere, because I thought it was good stuff?