Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bruce Springsteen>The River

I know it's The Boss again, but last night provided a good reason for including this song. In our family we like a whole range of music but I've taken it on myself ever since my children were born to make sure that they have ample opportunity to listen to quality music. It sounds snobbish but in my opinion it's just as important as making sure your kids read decent books or eat good food. Because of my particular musical tastes it wouldn't be unusual in our household to hear Henry (aged 6) singing Bob Dylan's 'Mr Tambourine Man' or The Beatles' 'Help'. In fact you can view the evidence here...

Well, last night was a real highlight for me. I was putting Penny, aged 5, to bed and as I was kissing her goodnight she asked if I could sing her a goodnight song. 'Ok - which one do you want?' I asked. She replied, 'Baa Baa Black Sheep I think... actually, no can I have 'The River'?' And so there I was, with a smirk on my face, singing Springsteen's 'The River' (The River, 1980) to her and imagine my surprise when she joined in. I was aware she knew the song but I didn't realise she knew the words, too. And she did know them - almost every one - and she sung them with gusto! And at that moment there couldn't have been a prouder father.

On reflection it struck me that our Father up there is probably just as chuffed when we 'sing' the songs he likes. I don't mean the predictable, repetitive ones from a songbook but the songs we 'sing' with our lives that just bring a smirk to his face.


RJ said...

Oh man, that is SO cool. Blessings on you, my man, blessings. I can sure relate to that in so many ways; when my girls were small, not only did they come with us to quality shows but we used to play them important and satisfying music, too. I would put songs on the stereo and ask: who did that? Our youngest used to do the best imitation of the Boss -bandana, cut-off jean jacket - and then she would run and slide on her knees with her arm raised high wailing, "Born in the USA!" They are still big Springsteen fans - and as I wrote in my blog, at our other daughter's upcoming wedding the father/daughter dance will be to Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven." God's blessings abound.

Cosmo said...

Great story tonight, plus a reminder to watch Henry again. Brilliant!

Although not having such a wide musical selection in our home I am proud that my three year old girl and two year old boy request Don't Stop Me Now as after dinner entertainment before bathtime! One of these days I'll get it on video for our family blog.

Ordinandy said...

Hey Nick, just came across you blog & am loving it. Thought I'd add to the comments here to say that I'm a proud dad of a 4-year old who loves 'park life', the boss, does a pretty mean impression of Keith Flint if she listens to Breathe by the Prodigy... My one-year old likes anything with a beat.
love the connections with you (from my POV) cracking taste in music and the Big Fella too