Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sisters of Mercy>Torch

In 1990, in a small village in Switzerland, a Saudi prince introduced me to The Sisters of Mercy. For the next 3 years they became one of my favourite bands, forming the backdrop to my early days at university and the overiding influence of my uni rock band - Drag (yes you did read that correctly. And no, we didn't wear it when playing live.) We even did a cover of their mysterious 'Alice.'

The track 'Torch' off the album Floodland (1987) became a great favourite, best played late at night in the pitch dark. This is when The Sisters come alive - the hallmark of a truly great goth band. I like this song, not just for it's biblical imagery, but Andrew Eldritch's voice, which has such brooding qualities. At times it sounds more rock-opera than goth-rock but somehow it works, and every time I hear it my soul lifts.

Incidentally, in 1993 I saw The Sisters live at the NEC in Birmingham. Not one to usually enjoy standing out from the crowd, it was a strange choice I made in wearing a white t-shirt to the gig. Other than the girl in the wedding dress, I was the only one not wearing black. Thank goodness there was a lot of smoke.
Listen to The Sisters legally here...


Cosmo said...

Hey Nick. Welcome to the blogosphere!

I'm always embarrassed by how narrow my musical taste is (I tend to bounce between Queen and Delerious), so I'm going to enjoy reading your thoughts.

I've promoted your blog on mine so hopefully my entire readership will come your way. (Um, I think that might be you and my wife. Does my sister even read my blog?!)

Anyway, looking forward to more.

Nick Coke said...

At least your wife reads yours!