Monday, 16 July 2007

Rufus Wainwright>Going to a Town

This is the first of many songs for me that inspire, challenge, motivate and encourage faith. I've deliberately chosen a challenging one first-up. It's Canadian Rufus Wainwright's 'Going To A Town', second track off his excellent 3rd album - Release the Stars (2007). His previous albums, Want One and Want Two, contain various gems and I'm sure another of his tracks will feature at some point.

Because the refrain of 'Going To A Town' contains the line 'I'm so tired of America', it's been suggested that this is about the war in Iraq. Actually, Rufus Wainwright's lyrics (and music) are rarely that obvious. This is no protest song about war - it's a protest song about something even more insidious - small minded thinking (such things are the root cause of war). Take a look at the song's video and you'll see this is about Rufus Wainwright and his own journey 'home'. It's full of Biblical imagery.

This song convicts all those who judge others and write them off. I imagine in his mind are narrow minded conservative Christians who claim they know exactly who are God's chosen ones. To be frank, I feel just as Jesus turns the tables on the Pharisees by making a Samaritan the protaganist of his parable about loving others, so here the words of wisdom come from the mouth of a man despised by many Christians simply on the basis of his sexuality. The last word goes to Rufus: 'Tell me, do you really think you go to hell for having loved? Tell me.'

Rufus Wainwright - Going To A Town lyrics

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Nick Coke said...

What is the correct Christian response to homosexuality and God's judgement? And what of a homosexuality/bisexuality as a lifestyle choice as opposed to genetic development? What about monogamous homosexual relationships? Difficult questions for the orthodox Christian.